Myself with my 1963 Chrysler and one of my favorite cameras, my 1975 Mamiya M645 with a 150mm f/2.8



I'm a 31 year old photographer based out of New Jersey, but that does not limit me from traveling with my camera. I have been internationally published in a multitude of magazines for both my boudoir and motorcycle photography. I was nominated and on the ballot for Cycle Source Magazines 2014 Motorcycle Artist of the Year.

In the beginnings of my photographic journey, I had my heart set on becoming a editorial and commercial portrait photographer, feeling that would allow me to be as creative as I wanted to be. I have no former photographic education and I am completely self taught. I began studying the masters as well as the great, modern photographers of today in my free time. Studying them pointed me in the right direction to learn the ins and outs of photography, as well as the rules to follow and the rules to break.

Not long after, my life long passion for vintage chopper motorcycles and hot rods began to merge with my love for photography. I started combining classic portrait compositions and lighting techniques to motorcycle photography which gave me the opportunity to create unique and dynamic portraits of machines that I had noticed not many others were bringing to the genre. 

Please take the time to browse my portfolio, I hope you enjoy.



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